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I was excited to receive some items from Priddy Books recently; several titles from their new range – the Little Friends books. I like Priddy Books. I’ve featured their books before, as I like what they do and I like their production values. They are quality, solid books and these are no exception.DCIM100MEDIA

They are, if I’m honest,  perhaps a little too twee for my taste. I’m always one for the more avant-garde side of book production, so I think something like the ‘hello baby’ mirror book edges out in my Personal Priddy Ranking. This is a personal response though and it’s always interesting to actually consider the facts with books like this. There’s evidence that children read emotion into colour and have certain emotional responses to certain colours – whether that’s natural or socially inculcated is something I’ll have to read up on a lot more on (I’m hoping to get my hands on this in the near future) . What is clear is that colour and images are a stimulus to a response, and  there’s something very calming about this colour scheme. All of the books have a very mellow, muted colour structure which should lend them very nicely towards bed-time reading or some close parent-baby bonding.

Inside, these books are really beautifully produced and you can see a better picture than I can ever hope to achieve on the Priddy website here. I love how easily a lot of the spreads would translate to prints, which speaks of the aesthetic quality of them. My only concern re the production was that the copy of ‘Hello Friends’ was poorly bound and came unstuck very quickly at the top of the book, so I’d be concerned about the longevity of it. That aside, the other books are deliciously lovely and I had a lot of time for the lift the flap parts of ‘Home Sweet Home’. Genuinely, a good lift the flap book is an utter joy and of the four, this was my favourite.

I thought you’d be interested in knowing where these books will be going after this review. I try and find homes for every book I receive for review, and take a great joy in getting it to a place where it’ll be loved and valued. These books are going to the Rainbow Library. I cannot think of a better place for them. Good luck books! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little Friends books – Priddy Books

  1. I love Priddy’s too. These look like perfect books for The Rainbow Library, thanks for thinking of us! I can already see the kids curling up with these and sharing them together, or pretending to read them to the babies in the role play area. Top review for top looking books!

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