#kidbkgrp is back!

So due to the whole necessity of having to a) find a new place to live, b) starting a new job, c) moving halfway across the country and d) writing a book, I had to put a few things on the back burner for a while. One of these was my beloved #kidbkgrp.

But no longer… *insert drum roll*

#kidbkgrp is BACK. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a monthly Twitter chat under the hashtag #kidbkgrp covering a wide range of topics in children’s literature. It’s between 9-10pm (to allow the kids to be fed and bedded 🙂 ) and lasts for the hour (though you’re obviously welcome to chat afterwards!). It’s full of amazing smart and friendly people and I guarantee you will get some brilliant book recommendations and some thought provoking conversation.

I’m putting together a schedule for the rest of the year (to start sometime in June), and here’s the part where I’d like your input. What would you like to chat about? What do you want to crowdsource some thoughts on? Are you baffled by books for boys? Want to talk about gender in children’s literature or how about representations of sexuality? How about heroines, or historical literature, or the best horse books for your pony mad children? Do you want to learn more about theory or do you want to chat about studying children’s literature? Do you want to find some hidden gems, want to talk about what makes picture books so great, or are you trying to figure out what makes a bestseller so best?

Let me know your thoughts either here or on Twitter and I promise you I’ll add them in to the plans. And keep an eye here because in the next week or so I will produce a super lovely schedule full of dates and times and stuff. Exciting!

(and my thanks to @yayeahyeah for keeping #kidbkgrp warm during my absence! If you’re not following him on Twitter or checking out his lovely blogs, you should!)

4 thoughts on “#kidbkgrp is back!

  1. Yeah – looking forward to it!!
    My suggestions?? A chance to shout out about all the books that DO embrace diversity would be pretty useful.

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