#kidbkgrp 2014 schedule

So here we are. The first Thursday of every month, 9-10pm – let’s talk about children’s literature on Twitter with the hashtag #kidbkgrp. Do come along – I’d love to see you there 🙂

Date………….. Time…………. Topic
June 5th 2014Recap 9 – 10pm     Diversity in Children’s Literature: Diversity in children’s literature is important and should be celebrated – so here’s the chat where you do that. We’ll about the books that make a difference for you and your children, and talk about why and how they do what they do. This is also your chance to let people know about what matters in children’s literature – and what you want to see more of.
July 3rd 2014Recap 9-10pm Rereading classics: Do you re-read the books you read as a child to children today? How do you deal with difficult topics such as racism, sexism etc? Are there books that should be forgotten or does every book deserve to be reread and reassessed by a new generation of readers?
August 7th 2014Recap 9-10pm Drama! Let’s talk about responsibility in children’s literature. Do you think children’s books should be aware of their audience? Should they try and be didactic or should they present life – warts and all. Are there things which should never be written about – or are there things which aren’t written about enough? Have you ever read a children’s book which made you uncomfortable? What about books which you don’t think are suitable for children but are explicitly marketed for them – and liked by them – how do you handle those?
September 4th 2014Recap 9-10pm Historical books: There’s some amazing books out there which deal with a whole range of historical periods – what are our favourites? What makes a historical book work for you? Is there a time period which hasn’t been written about? What about the ones that are written about a lot – can there be too much of a good thing? And how do you write a good one anyway?
October 2nd 2014Recap (ish) 9-10pm Award Winners: With the wealth of awards out there for children’s literature, what impact do these have on the reader? Are they for the adult – or for the child? And how do people decide what makes a good book “good” anyway ?
November 6th 2014Recap 9-10pm Picture Books: Picture books are amazing, and incredible things. What are your favourites? Is there anything you wish publishers did more of? What makes a book work for both you and your children? Is there anything you won’t read with them – and what about the books that you can’t get enough of? (And if there’s time, we’ll talk about reviewing them and writing about them too)
December 4th 2014Recap 9-10pm Christmas! Time for your Christmas recommendations. Come and crowdsource ideas for the readers in your life and help out people with recommendations of your own

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