Claude on the Slopes : Alex T Smith

Claude on the SlopesClaude on the Slopes by Alex T Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I adore these books, I truly do. The witty, warm illustrations coupled with a mischievous dog and his best friend – Sir Bobblysock – combine to make beautiful books. Claude on the Slopes is no exception.

I love the round richness of the illustrations. I love that people have breasts and bellies. I love that the library has a book called “Peter Pan’s People”. I love that Sidney Snood and his fabulous moustache exists. I love that Claude and Sir Bobblysock are back from their adventure before the grown ups get back in from work. I love the illustrations (I would buy a print of every single page) and I love how I am overusing the word love in this review and I love that I don’t care!

There is a part of me that wants these books to be mandatory, to have them given out to everyone and sung out about on street corners by people using their OUTDOOR VOICES. There is such joy inherent in each and every page. Claude is perfection and perfection is Claude. There’s really very little else to say.

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