#kidbkgrp recap: Diversity and Children’s Literature

So last night (and a little bit of today – hurrah for afterchats!), we talked about diversity and children’s literature. Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these (due to Life And That), so it was a quiet slide back into the groove. I loved it. It was good to be back. Last night reminded me how important debate is because it’s quite often through that articulation of thoughts and fears and questions and angers that resolution and improvement happens.

Now usually what I do is write a little precis of what we discussed, but I think that  summed it up perfectly with her definition of diversity: “For me it means all kids and adults being able to see themselves in books” Simple, isn’t it? If that’s not an aim to sign up for, I don’t know what is.

You can find the storify of the chat here and here’s a link to the previous chats.

The next chat is on July 3rd and we talk about rereading classics. See you there!

3 thoughts on “#kidbkgrp recap: Diversity and Children’s Literature

  1. I have just found your blog – thanks Twitter – and I’m so glad I did! I occasionally blog about rereading classic kidlit, so your upcoming chat is particularly interesting to me. I will be there, ready to learn!

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