I registered this blog five years ago today

When I started this blog, I started it out of a sort of desperate urge to do something with children’s literature. I wanted to talk about it, to someone. To anyone. I wanted to share this great love of books and find others that loved the same sort of thing. I wanted to connect, Β I think, really, and continue the journey that I was on as part of my MA.

It took me a while to find my groove. What to talk about? What to say? How to say it? My early reviews and posts are less than brilliant, but I’ve kept them there for a reason – I want to track the growth of my thinking. I want to track the growth of my reading, too. I think how you read changes, so much, throughout your life and it’s fascinating to look back at something that I wrote and look at the person I was then.

So what’s happened in five years? Well, a lot, and a lot I think comes from doing this blog.

  • I’m writing this in the University of York library where I just started a PhD in children’s literature and literary tourism.
  • I finished my MA in children’s literature and passed.
  • I’ve written a zillion (or near enough) reviews
  • I’ve met some amazing, utterly amazing people, as a direct result of this blog
  • I run a monthly children’s literature discussion group
  • And I have the great joy to be represented by Bryony Woods of DKW Literary Agency.

All of that, all of that, comes either directly or indirectly from blogging. Let’s just say I’m a bit of an advocate of what a blog can do. I think it’s great. And I think you’re all amazing too. Seriously. Books and reading and readers and literacy wouldn’t exist without people like you. You change the world each and every day and that’s a privilege to even be tangentially part of. Here’s to the next five years! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “I registered this blog five years ago today

  1. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved. I hope the next five years are as fruitful for you! Best of luck with the PhD, and remember to enjoy it. I completed mine in such a rush that I forgot to sit back and really savour the work I was lucky enough to be doing. Yours in kidlit-appreciation and blogging!

  2. Happy Blogpversary! I wish you many more happy years sharing your thoughts on children’s literature and many good days as you work on your PhD

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