New Year’s Read : Five Reading Resolutions for 2015

(With obvious inspiration due to Daniel Pennac)

1. Read Recklessly

Read books when you have no time to read; read them in snatches on the bus, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, whilst the adverts are on. Read them recklessly and with abandon and dangerously and interlace these texts into your life. Jam a paperback into your bag. Make the packed lunch and tuck in chapter fourteen. Read on the run, on the go, read recklessly and hopelessly and hungrily.

2. Read Anything

Read books that are books, books that aren’t books, books that are words on the back of the HP sauce bottle and compose a message from them and drop them it into the sea, wrapped in a bottle and sealed with candle-wax. Read an adventure on the back of the soap packet, wrap words around you, read books for girls, books for boys, books for adults, books about toys, break boundaries that should never have been made and see a saga in the words on a water bottle.

3. Read Emotionally

Read sadly, happily, madly, angrily. Read words that make you feel something and let yourself feel those words inside the read and then let yourself feel it outside the read. Read a character falling in love and talk to your children about how real it is and about how sometimes people twist and turn and fall into the shape of another, as though it was meant to be that way all along. Read heartlessly and heartfull and with anger and with joy and with shame and with sadness and with love.

4. Read Loudly

Read and then talk and then share and then gossip and then ask your friends what they thought and ask your children to read the same part and find out what they think. Read with friends and in groups and in families; make occasions of reading, read out loud, read on walls, chalking words and phrases up against the brick, stone, read visually, read pointedly, read so loudly that the world knows, knows, knows.

5. Read Selfishly

Read tightly, read closely, read a contradiction into things and allow yourself to stretch so far that you swallow the world in with every word and then on the next, read so closely that it’s just you and this book, this text, this voice, and you’re talking and it’s like you’re sat in a room with them one and one. Read with relish and with gusto and with selfish, selfish joy and read for the world and read for yourself; contradict, own, read.

One thought on “New Year’s Read : Five Reading Resolutions for 2015

  1. Reblogged this on Rhino Reads and commented:
    This year I will read and write. Recklessly, generously, emotionally, widely, loudly and selfishly. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all. The lovely LH Johnson sums it up beautifully here.
    Happy New Year folks!

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