Politics / Politicians in Young Adult Literature

Just a quick news in brief sort of article for today, but last night I was wondering a bit about politics and politicians in young adult literature so I asked for some suggestions of titles on Twitter. Here’s the storify of what I was recommended. I hope it proves of interest ! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Politics / Politicians in Young Adult Literature

  1. This is actually really intriguing in terms of dystopias. I had never thought about it before. Seeing as the government is usually suppressive and the “evil guy” in these dystopic stories, what if the protagonist who of course brings down the system is part of the system. Just bring it down from within or are there other turns stories take? Oooh~ (<– I'm so stoked because I have been thinking I would like to write my BA thesis about (YA) dystopias so this is making me so happy!) Thank you for asking, basically xD

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