Remember that list I keep of children’s books set in the UK?

Did you know that I keep a few reading lists here and update them when I come across something relevant? One of those lists was a list of titles set in the UK. This all came from one of those late night conversations on Twitter where I and a few others wondered whether you could read your way around the UK. Turns out you can. You so can and should. Really, there’s some splendid books out there. We’re so incredibly lucky with what’s out there.

Well, that was then and this was now. Today, I’m letting you know that that list has evolved. Basically, it was once a Pikachu and now it’s gone all Raichu. As part of my PhD (I’m doing a Phd, have I mentioned it? 😉 ), it’s evolving into a much more specific and user friendly sheet. The data on this sheet is free of duplicates, of typos (there were a lot…), and all those lovely white gaps are going to get filled in with some very specific data – such as full citation details, actual specifics of locations features, and their real life equivalents where applicable.

And I thought I’d let you have a look at it now in a sort of covert, sneaky peek sort of manner. Shush. Keep it under your hat. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Remember that list I keep of children’s books set in the UK?

  1. This is amazing! Must have taken ages to out it all together!

    I think there may be a typo for one of them though – “The Crown of Aorns” by Catherine Fisher should be “The Crown of Acorns” 🙂

  2. I’m from Yorkshire. I read a book last year set in the bleak Yorkshire moors. It’s a YA fantasy horror by Anthony Horowitz called Raven’s Gate. I’m not sure, because I’ve never read it, but I think The Secret Garden is set somewhere in Yorkshire.

    1. Aaah, I know the one you mean. Thank you 🙂 (And yes, The Secret Garden is set in Yorkshire – though the garden itself was inspired by Great Maytham Hall in Kent!)

  3. A bit surprised to see you put Glasgow with Lanarkshire as Glasgow is separate from North and South Lanarkshire, which are all part of Strathclyde. Just to be nitpicky 😉

  4. Sadly I don’t read books based on location but rather based on topics covered but this is a great ressource anyway, especially for those set in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as I always seem to be picking up children’s books set in England!

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