Rainbow Beauty – Blueberry Wishes : Kelly McKain

Blueberry Wishes (Rainbow Beauty) by Kelly McKainBlueberry Wishes (Rainbow Beauty) by Kelly McKain by Kelly McKain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The debut to this series of books set in and around a small beauty parlour in Totnes, Peppermint Kiss, was something quite refreshing to me after a long run of duds, and I’m so pleased to see that Blueberry Wishes continues that trend. It’s a lovely book, full of business-making women and girls, friends and family and romance all of which is delivered with a genuine warmth and lightness of touch.

A brief recap of the premise: following the collapse of Abbie’s parents marriage, her mother and the girls – Abbie, Saff and Grace – move to Devon and open up a beauty parlour. They specialise in natural treatments, invented by Abbie who is our central focus. Her sisters Saff and Grace are training to be a beauty therapist and Alan Sugar respectively. (I love Grace so much; she’s a beautiful amalgamation of entrepreneurship and sisterly sisterness).

Blueberry Wishes sees Rainbow Beauty being threatened by the opening of a new spa down the road. Coupled with this, is the threat of an increasingly avaricious landlord. Can Abbie see Rainbow Beauty through this crisis or will they have to give up and go back to London?

I like this series a lot. I like the warmth of it, and I love love love the combination of entrepreneurship and humour that it brings. Blueberry Wishes is something really quite charming indeed.

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