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A quick link round up …

I recently read a proof copy of Goldy Moldavsky’s ‘Kill The Boy Band’. I’m not going to be reviewing it as I’m not sure that there’s anything constructive that I can add to the discussion (and please don’t think of that as a detrimental comment; this is a complex, challenging book with wildly brilliant moments). But in lieu of such a review, I will signpost this piece Kill the Fatphobia: Fat Girls in YA for it is a searing, painful piece of writing and the issues it raises are valid, glass-sharp things.

This piece on autism in young adult literature: I have autism and the lack of authentic autistic voices in books angers me is well worth a read as well. Whilst its main focus is on young adult / children’s literature, it shifts to discussing the cross-media representation of autism as well.

Walker Books are launching Walker Studio; an imprint that will publish “books for book-lovers”. I am very much behind such an endeavour.

And finally, I loved this. Not the most obvious link to include in a children’s literature blog, but it’s “the sort of thing you would usually associate with an Enid Blyton adventure”. Yes. Exactly. I love it.

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