The CBBC Book Club

Bit of a short post today, but a very important one.

CBBC have a book club. I am SO happy about this; and even the comments on the link make me happy. Every Sunday afternoon, the CBBC Book Club talks children’s books on the telly.  How exciting is that?  Please do try and watch it, or use it in school, or in the library, and shout about if you can; this sort of thing matters so much. And well done CBBC. This is a madly vital thing to do, and you have my utmost admiration.


Update 18/4: Saddest of times. I can’t find this anywhere on the schedules and I’m wondering if the page I linked to up above had out of date info. 😦 Prove me wrong, internet, and tell me this show is still on and I’m making a mistake *crosses fingers, toes, nose, etc*

6 thoughts on “The CBBC Book Club

    1. I’ve just had a good luck through the CBBC schedule as far as it’ll allow, and I can’t see it! I am suddenly sad and wondering if I have got out of date information from the page I linked to in this post. Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s a mistake … *fingers crossed*

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