Anger in children’s / young adult literature : a reading list

I’ve been collating a new reading list of titles with the help of innumerable lovely people on Twitter. This reading list covers anger in children’s and young adult literature with a specific focus on the angry girl character. The feminine angry. That which we are so often uncomfortable with and yet, is there. From Mary Lennox through to Darrell Rivers, the angry heroine is so often subjugated and denied her rightful space to be angry. To express emotion. To confront the challenges of life.

As ever with reading lists of this nature, a brief caveat is required. Read the text before you recommend it or use it with the children you work with or know. Understand your reaction to it.

Thank you so much if you’re somebody who has suggested a title for this list. Hit me up with more recommendations if you have them (Title / Author / Goodreads link). If you’d like to put your recommendation directly into the list (it should be crowd-editable) feel free. I want this list to grow…


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