Geo-locating the pony story (or, mapping Victoria Eveleigh, Lauren St John and Patricia Leitch)

So I got a book signed by KM Peyton and I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling…

Big boots and adventures

This weekend was a busy weekend. I presented some of my research at Horse Tales; a one day conference held in the lovely surroundings of Homerton College, Cambridge. One of the great highlights of this day was getting to hear KM Peyton speak. Goals. I adore her.

The title of my paper was Geo-locating the pony story : a distant reading, which, for the Moretti afficionados amongst you, should give an idea of the theoretical leanings of such a paper. I spoke about the process of mapping the work of Victoria Eveleigh, Lauren St John and Patricia Leitch and integrating these into the distant reading philosophy.

As part of my paper, I presented several custom maps and visualisations – one of which I’m sharing below. This map covers the UK locations of the One Dollar Horse trilogy by Lauren St John, and  A Stallion called Midnight  and the Katy and Joe books by…

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