1000 points in England related to children’s books

Forgive the double posting if you subscribe to both of my blogs, but I hope this is of interest to everyone! Books, maps, and days out! (I sound very Enid Blyton at this point, but I’m going to roll with it…)

Big boots and adventures

A pithy title, I know, but you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to boil that down from something substantially longer. Anyway; today I wanted to share a sample of the project I’m trying to get funding for (and if you’d like to fund an app of this, dudes let’s talk…). One of my great personal principles about doing this research is that I make it accessible and open; I work in children’s literature, and I work to make that field open and ownable by all. I don’t work in a bubble.

So: map. Enjoy! 1021 points set in England mainly. This isn’t the limit of my data, but it’s some of it. A sample. A taster…


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