Talking politics

In an increasingly visible year, full of increasingly visible and often questionable political rhetoric, I’ve been looking for resources that help us explain this to children. It’s easy to underestimate what a child knows of society, and it’s easy to not discuss this sort of thing. Childhood is childhood and I get the precious protection of that. But equally, we live in a context of connectivity. We are global, we are social, and people talk.

Here’s a few resources that may help you talk with your children or those you work with. I’ve added the date in brackets after each entry for a static entry. I’d like to list more so please do feel free to comment with anything useful that I may have missed.

2 thoughts on “Talking politics

  1. This looks an excellent baseline, in fact more comprehensive than that. I’m no longer in teaching but there’s enough here to be getting on with I would have thought; the analysis of news presented by different sources is certainly an approach I used in the classroom.

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