I’m going to be a Writer In Residence at the University of Cambridge

I’m trying to be coy but I rather think that title has given it away a tad. So without further ado, I have some rather exciting news to share.

I’m going to be working with the University of Cambridge for six weeks this Autumn, as the A14 Writer In Residence. 

I’m going to be based for three days a week at Madingley Hall, near Cambridge, where I’ll get the fantastic opportunity to work with users of the A14 and help them develop their creative writing, alongside developing my own writing in response to the area. During the residency, the wonderful team at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education will also be leading several creative writing courses and pop up events. We will also be launching an anthology of all of the best work written during the residency, including a special piece by me.

What all of this means is that if you’ve ever driven the A14, or connected with the landscape around it, we want to hear your story. 

(We really, really do.)

I’m going to share as much as I can with you throughout this process, whether that’s writing, interviews, or behind the scenes information,  because that’s incredibly important to me and also, because, one day you, or your kids, are going to see an advert for a wonderful opportunity and wonder if you can or even should apply. (Here’s the thing. You should. The world needs your voice. I want to hear what you’ve got to say.)

I’m also going to talk a lot about children’s books. 😉

So now’s the time to let me know if you’re in the area, or have connections to the area? Are you a business owner? Do you fancy getting you and your employees on board? Are you a parent? Would you like to get your children involved? Do you commute – work – live anywhere near the A14? Do you work with children in the area? Have you always wanted to write but never known where to begin?

Are you none of the above but know somebody who is?

Please let us know! You can make contact with ICE and myself on Twitter, leave a comment on this post (please let me know if you’d like it to stay private and I won’t publish it), and we’d love to hear from you!

Now, let’s get going .. 🙂







5 thoughts on “I’m going to be a Writer In Residence at the University of Cambridge

  1. Oh goodness, I spent a lot of time on the A14 (and narrowly avoided being killed by a lorry once). Grew up in Cambridge, worked there until about seven years ago. More than happy to be involved, but don’t think my experiences are unusual/exciting ones…

  2. I’m local to the A14 and have signed up for a creative writing course… but my 8 year old was disappointed that he couldn’t come with me and is keen to be involved. How could I get him involved with the project? The A14 is really quite significant and symbolic in our household…

    1. Hi Jenny! I’m thrilled you’ve signed up for the creative writing course and I hope it goes well 🙂

      I would LOVE your eight year old to get involved in the project! You can submit work / pictures / creative anythings about the road to me on his behalf at A14stories@ice.cam.ac.uk, tweet me @chaletfan and I will share them for him in the Facebook group. If it’s easier, you can also post them directly for him there: http://www.facebook.com/groups/A14stories.

      A quick note re data protection: I can credit him as you wish, first name, full name, or anonymously, just let me know how in the email.

      And I really can’t wait to see his stuff! 😀

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