How To Be An Astronaut And Other Space Jobs by Dr Sheila Kanani and Sol Linero

How to be an Astronaut and Other Space Jobs by Dr Sheila Kanani front cover

How to be an Astronaut and Other Space Jobs by Dr Sheila Kanani

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How To Be An Astronaut isn’t just a ‘space’ book, but rather a ‘careers but in space’ book. It’s a unique twist for a perennial topic in children’s non-fiction; space, the Romans, the Tudors and animals are kind of those constant things that keep the non-fiction section going, and it’s interesting to see something different here. Something that tries to offer a new interpretation on a rapidly changing circumstance, one that requires incredible skills and intellect, and yet something that remains inherently universal. Wondering what’s up there is an eternal childhood question. Is it God? The Care Bears? Or – what? Humans thrive on questions and, what’s more, finding answers.

Dr Sheila Kanani provides such. Space is a human endeavour, made possible by the collective work and brains of a whole world of people ranging from space chefs through to space underwriter. This isn’t just about astronauts. It’s about people who make the food extra tasty to combat the fact that your sense of taste reduces in space; it’s about the people who design the space-suits and the astrobiologists. Do you love doing experiments? Then become a SPACE SCIENTIST. How wonderful is that? This book longs for the kids to be part of it, and that’s a rather delightful message to give.

As ever with Nosy Crow, it’s beautifully and carefully managed. Sol Linero’s artwork has a deliciously vintage edge to it, managing to evoke through colour and soft, round edge, the iconic history of space travel. Skin colours vary; people use wheelchairs; and everything seems so madly accessible and possible and probable that it’s hard to resist. This is good, good stuff.

My thanks to the publishers for a review copy.

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