Things are going to be changing a little bit at Did You Ever Stop To Think towers

Hello! I’ve been thinking about this for a while and circumstances (more of which in later posts) have helped me come to a bit of a decision. Things are going to be changing a little bit at Did You Ever Stop To Think and I wanted you to know the rationale behind that. The first thing to say is that I am not quitting. I love this blog! I love writing it and I love talking to you. I have met many of the people I have come to know online and you are all great. This is a good corner of the internet full of good people, and I like that it exists.

What will be changing is this: Did You Ever Stop To Think will no longer be covering just children’s books. You might have noticed a few new titles sneak into the reviews over the last few weeks and they have been tests, of a sort, to see how I can figure it out. To see how they fit. To see what I want the next version of this blog to be.

I started writing this blog a fair few years ago now, and it’s right that every now and then I consider who and what I want it to be. I have evolved since I began and so have you and so has the world and so has literature. I’ve been wondering how to best capture that – and how to best capture the things that are saying increasingly important and relevant things.

There are also some other things happening for me personally which I shall share with you when I can – exciting things! – but they are not necessarily things which fall under the neat umbrella of children’s books. But they are things that I think will interest you and I’d like to share them with you when I can.

And so because of all of that this blog is going to broaden. Children’s literature – good, brilliant, brave and bold children’s books – will continue to form a key part of what I talk about here. I will never let that go. But alongside that, I’ll also be writing about literary fiction, feminist texts, educational classics (my entire PhD realigned after reading The Tidy House by Carolyn Steedman for example), comics from small and indie presses, books about being a woman, books about being a girl, books about writing, theoretical classics, people doing exciting research and anything else that falls into these categories.

There are so many literary things that I’m interested in and want to talk to you about. I hope you’ll come along with me for the ride. x

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