Some Carefully Curated Lists of the Best Children’s Books To Buy This Year

Hello! I have been putting together some lists of children’s books to buy which, I suspect if you’re reading this blog, might be up your street. One of the things to mention is that these are affiliate links which mean that I do get a referral fee but I’m not doing it for that. I really just want to share the cool and lovely books that exist in the world with you right now. There will always be time for that sort of thing here, I promise.

Also! Because we’re of a classics bent on this blog, these will be delightful and beautiful classic children’s books – perfect to start your library off or to begin to build a library for the little ones in your life. (Talking about libraries – take the list to your local library! Nothing better than stashing up your reservation list…!)

Click on the images to find out more…

Several book covers with the caption 'Christmas Classics, Old and New'

Several book covers with the caption 'A Classic in the Morning, A Classive in the Evening, A Classic at Supper time'

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