How To Be Brave is out in one month!

Publishing is so strange. Everything seems to take forever – there’s things you can’t talk about to people for aaaaaaages, and then all of a sudden, you’re writing a post telling everybody that your debut children’s book is out in precisely one month (July 1st for the UK; July 6th for the US). Strange, yes, but also utterly, endlessly, unbelievably glorious and I’m so thankful for every moment.

So! A couple of quick announcements to follow. First up is this: I will be talking with Susie Bower and Sarah Odedina at this Brave Girls And Boarding School Books event (June 16th). Sarah is my editor at Pushkin and lovely, and I’m really enjoying The Three Impossibles by Susie, so I’m looking forward to this a lot. Bonus points if you ask a question that gets me to reference The Chalet School In Exile.

The second thing is this: The Book Nook in Hove are offering signed & dedicated copies of How To Be Brave. They are amaaazing booksellers and it’s lovely to be able to support an indie bookseller like this. Pre-orders are, of course, available elsewhere as well and I really value your support if you do such a thing. I promise buns, jokes, and an entertaining adventure (seriously: here’s the Kirkus review).

And the final thing is this: I’m very conscious that pre-ordering / buying a book isn’t an option for everybody and so, if you’re in those circumstances, there is always your local library as an option. It might be that they can purchase a copy in for their stock and get you on the reservation list for it. And of course, this works for any book that you’re interested in – don’t be shy about talking to librarians about books! We love it immensely. Honestly, it’s one of the best parts of the gig.

2 thoughts on “How To Be Brave is out in one month!

  1. When we first went into lockdown, I actually posted an extract from the “Be Brave” speech in The Chalet School in Exile online! Congratulations on getting your book published!

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