Raising Demons : Rachel Hawkins

Raising Demons (Hex Hall, #2)Raising Demons by Rachel Hawkins

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sophie Mercer’s on holiday. She’s also a demon. Whilst staying with her dad in England, she becomes involved in a conspiracy full of dark magic and evil. And she’s also in love. With the wrong guy.

I enjoyed this though I really didn’t have a clue what was going on. I’ve not read the first in the series (Hex Hall) and I really think you need to do that to fully appreciate what’s going on in Raising Demons. There’s a whole world of scene setting that has gone on and Raising Demons presumes you know that. Reading this was therefore like entering a really cool film halfway through. You know it’s cool, you’re kind of enjoying it but if anybody asked you anything specific about it you’d just stare vacantly at them and mutter the word “maybe?” in a hopeful manner.

So what can I say about this even though I didn’t really understand who what why or even when?

Sophie’s sparky. And snarky. I like my heroine to be a little bit more gutsy than the norm. She’s got some nice turns of phrase and a few very meta-textual, self-referential moments which I liked. And I liked Jenna; there’s a very good character there with a story just waiting to get out. This was the good.

The bad was how young Sophie came across. I was really surprised when I read how old she was meant to be. She’s very very young for some of the moments she has. And, as mentioned, I wasn’t that keen on the total lack of backstory / world definition. I appreciate it’s hard to do in a series novel but a paragraph here and there wouldn’t go amiss.

I will pick up Hex Hall some time just to see what some of the terminology actually means. And I’ll also be very interested if Jenna gets her own spin off series. Raising Demons is a solid little book but it’s a shame it requires such detailed world knowledge beforehand as that alienates the happenstance reader.

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