An A-Z of Picture Book Terminology

I’ve been thinking about these posts from Sarah McIntyre and how I work with picture books.

I could talk, quite happily about picture books all day and I’m very conscious that when I start going on about recto and verso and page turns and white space that it’s a language quite foreign to many. So, in an effort to address that – here we are. I’ve had a go at putting down an A-Z of picture book terminology. It’s not exhaustive, nor is it perfect, but it is a reflection of all the things I think about when I’m looking at picture books. It is, perhaps, a conversation starter. Please feel free to adapt and utilise if you think it’s of use for yourself and your purposes (ps – I’d be v interested to hear if you do use it!).

Have a look at the #picturesmeanbusiness tag on Twitter for more about this campaign.

7 thoughts on “An A-Z of Picture Book Terminology

  1. This is wonderful! I’d never really thought about picture books as an art form, as a specific genre of books to be taken seriously, before I started reading your blog. This guide is really helpful and I’m sure it will prompt people to think more deeply about how they engage with this type of literature – it has definitely done that for me!

  2. Ooooo I love this. What a wonderful resource and source of guidance for so many people – let the picture book celebrations continue!!

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