Introducing How To Be True

I have some news 😊

Meet How To Be True. It’s a follow-up to How To Be Brave and it features a school trip that nobody will ever forget, barricades before breakfast, and also cake. Lots and lots of cake. There will always be cake in my books. And ducks. There’s a pivotal duck. Always a good thing, I think.

How To Be True is published in the UK on July 7th 2022 by the beautiful and lovely Pushkin who have understood this book from day one. As with How To Be Brave, the cover is by the wonderful Thy Bui and I am here for every inch of it.

How To Be True is available to pre-order now.

4 thoughts on “Introducing How To Be True

  1. I loved How to Be Brave. It was just perfect. Made me feel like I was reading a classic beloved of my childhood (Enid Blyton’s school tales and Chalet School series featured heavily in it).

    And I LOVE that you wrote about Edie next! I did wonder about her! Can’t wait to read it and cannot wait to introduce these books to the kids I know!

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