How To Be True is available for pre-order

(Isn’t she lovely?) How To Be True is available for pre-order right now! It’s published in the UK on July 7th and in the US in September (it’s worth the wait, I promise). Pre-orders help a book massively and I’m endlessly grateful to anybody who does so. You can pre-order via Pushkin here (and there’sContinue reading “How To Be True is available for pre-order”

Introducing How To Be True

I have some news 😊 Meet How To Be True. It’s a follow-up to How To Be Brave and it features a school trip that nobody will ever forget, barricades before breakfast, and also cake. Lots and lots of cake. There will always be cake in my books. And ducks. There’s a pivotal duck. AlwaysContinue reading “Introducing How To Be True”