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The US Covers of How To Be Brave and How To Be True

I got some very special post this week, namely my author copies of the US edition of How To Be True. I wanted to share it with you because pretty books are always a good thing to share, right? (lol, we all know that’s not a question!).

If you’re not sure what an author copy is, then they are precisely what they say on the tin! As part of a publishing contract, an author is given copies of their book. The amount varies and after that, you’re able to buy copies at a reduced price directly from the publisher. I gave mine to family and friends and librarian chums (hello!) but also keep a few on a little shelf where I sit and work (because encouragement, always a good thing).

Both covers are by Flavia Sorrentino and I love what she’s done here so much. One of the common things in both the US and UK editions (and something I’m so grateful for) is how unabashedly character led they are. These are books which make no bones about what they are – stories of girls in the world, doing what only they can do best. Thank you to both Macmillan and Pushkin for making my nerdy little book dreams come true.

You can find out more about Flavia’s work here and the US edition of How To Be True here.

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