The First Ever Quite Niche Children’s Literature Christmas Quiz

Hello! I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to start a new Christmas tradition on this blog, and this year felt like the perfect time to do precisely that. So! Here is the First Ever Quite Niche Children’s Literature Christmas Quiz! (I am very excited). There are no prizes, other than glorious renown, but if you are looking for something distracting to do over the Christmas period, then this might be it. Bonus points for creative answers 🙂

Here’s how it works. There are a series of sentences with some missing words all you have to do is fill in the gaps. For example Q1: “A lot of H D’s at the S” = A Lot of Hot Doctors At The Sanatorium. To give a little bit of a clue, I have grouped the sentences under topics and any mistakes are my fault, apologies.

Answers will be posted New Year’s Eve…!

Round One: Boarding School Stories

  1. A lot of H D’s at the S
  2. Eleven M having breakfast at F
  3. One L P telling stories in the A
  4. One C S in E
  5. One R M playing Tennis at T

Round Two: Mid-Twentieth Century Classics

  1. One T listening to a clock striking T
  2. Five F O solving crimes
  3. One P R left behind
  4. Two C (and one goose-boy) having adventures at W C
  5. Four S and Two A not drowning like duffers

Round Three: Picture Books

  1. One E causing havoc at the P
  2. One M-M-M living in the nice white cottage with the thatched roof
  3. One D being reunited with D
  4. Twelve little G in T straight lines
  5. One T having T with S

Round Four: A bit of everything

  1. One H W (and one D W) solving mysteries
  2. Six members of the A G dancing in their N pants
  3. One K of the Cascade Brumbies
  4. Nine M of the F of the R
  5. One H K P the M, one Q S the G, one K E the J, one Q L the V – (or the four P siblings).

7 thoughts on “The First Ever Quite Niche Children’s Literature Christmas Quiz

  1. I’m afraid this niche is way above my head! But I shall spend a bit of Christmas Day returning to this, as I do occasionally with a cryptic Guardian crossword… 😁 Nadolig Llawen from a surprisingly sunny Wales!

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