The Third Ever Quite Niche Children’s Literature Quiz

Hello! It’s that time of year again where I get to enter my final form as a bookish Pokemon and set you all a Quite Niche Christmas Quiz. If you are going “wait, what?” then you can catch up on the previous quizzes here: the first and the second. The answers will be linked from those respective posts, I promise.

All of the books that are featured have been reviewed or talked about on this blog or on my social media and the principle of the questions is this: I will write something like “Twelve L G in T straight lines” and all you have to do is fill in the missing words. In this instance, the answer is: “Twelve little girls in two straight lines” and the book that this references is the incomparable Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans.

There are three rounds and the title of each should give you some additional help as to what the answers might be (but beware! they are niche!!!)…

Answers will be posted on New Year’s Eve!

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

  1. One G, one B B, one M all together at Birtwick Park
  2. One F and one V falling in love on their way to F W
  3. One S turning a somersault at F
  4. One S J trying to solve a murder
  5. One J lurking deep in the sewers below Deptford

People Doing Things

  1. One hot C C exiting through the window and dazzling M A in the process
  2. One H and his U N having adventures on trains
  3. One M S calmly inventing a whole new genre because she is the coolest of all
  4. One P falling through time at T
  5. One L L forgetting that her hot bath was running

A little bit of everything

  1. Ten E L on how to become a W
  2. One K T and her great idea to set up a B S C
  3. One naughty L S and B H
  4. One K M falling in love with a horse called F
  5. One P and one P trying to catch a woozle

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