The Second Ever Quite Niche Children’s Literature Christmas Quiz

Hello! Last year, I started a new tradition on this blog and I see no reason why I should not continue it this year. So here we are – it’s time for The Second Ever Quite Niche Children’s Literature Christmas Quiz. You can revisit the first one here, and if you’d like a reminder of how the whole thing works, here we are:

I will give you a sentence like: One C P of B cheeking Matron and all you have to do is figure out what the letters stand for. In this example, it’s One Crown Princess of Belsornia cheeking Matron and that’s all there is to it. All the answers relate to children’s literature in some way or form (either titles or characters) and the vast majority of them have been reviewed on this blog….

Answers will be posted on December 31st!

Round One: Boarding School Stories

  1. One M-L hanging off a sturdy young sapling
  2. Two O’S T not caring at S C
  3. One K F flipping from speedboat to speedboat
  4. One C N having quite the first term at the S O T G S
  5. Three R’s being adopted by the M’s
  6. One D I M on her way to the J W F
  7. One Inspiring Speech from M G at M T
  8. One sensible S H
  9. One rubbish proposal from R E to L M
  10. One P W causing engine issues

Round TwoPony Books

  1. One J M rescuing S from the circus
  2. One V B riding T P to victory
  3. One A R and T B making friends on a desert island
  4. One C D living out his retirement at F F
  5. One J with her ponies B B and R
  6. One P on the 12th floor
  7. One R H meeting the Hot and Complicated P P
  8. One Smouldering Slow Burn Romance between H and N, members of the W B pony club
  9. One M of C
  10. One H and his B

Round Three: A little bit of everything

  1. Three P cycling to Paris
  2. One A falling down the R H
  3. Three F trying to put their name in the H B
  4. One C M writing this in the K S
  5. One S hitching a lift on a W tail
  6. One B who wants his H back
  7. Two S meeting at G K
  8. Five C and One P
  9. One P R in M M garden
  10. One R taking a walk

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